Sunday, September 12, 2010

Prep time!

We started cleaning out our extra room today.  We have decided to put both boys in that room and make D's current room the play room.  The catch is we have to paint the extra room before we move them in - its currently a peach color (borderline pinkish).  We LOVE the color, but not for 2 boys.  This will work out well because the walls in D's room the play room need to be painted too.  The count down has begun - 8 weeks from tomorrow our son is due to make his grand entrance!!

Thank you to the people who have sent recipes in!  Please send any and all recipes you have - without recipes, we don't have a cookbook!!!

Also a big thanks to the people that have placed orders.  We are ordering cookbooks based on orders we have - so place your order now!

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